Launched in Fall 2015, Kiss & Wear is a lifestyle brand that seamlessly combines the perfect mix of west coast cool and east coast chic. Originally the name of a fashion and beauty blog started by Katrina Caspelich and her best friend, it has since transitioned into the lifestyle accessories brand it is today. Kiss & Wear pieces are designed for everyday wear; they’re simple, timeless but still make a bold statement – much like the girls who wear them. The ultimate #KWBabe defines herself in many ways. She's a best friend and a lover. An intellectual and a creative. Glamorous and carefree. Each Kiss & Wear piece, like her, is unique.

A true fashion aficionado, Katrina lives for a great deal and a statement accessory. So, as Founder of Kiss & Wear, she wanted to create a collection of fun (and attainable) accessories meant to be worn, layered and lived in. Having worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years -- as a model, editor, and publicist -- the idea to create Kiss & Wear happened organically as it was during this time that she was able to cultivate her design aesthetic. When she’s not looking out for the next big trend, Katrina can be found scouring the streets for sugary treats.