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9 Great Holiday Gifts For Her Posted on 7 Dec 06:00 , 0 comments

Searching for the perfect gift can sometimes be difficult for the girl who has everything. So why not surprise her with something she didn't know she even wanted like a fun neon parrot led lamp for her apartment or a leopard clutch that'll match every outfit? Whether she's a homebody who enjoys coffee or a social butterfly who's out each night, we've your perfect gift covered!

Gifts For Her

1. A leopard print pouch she'll take everywhere. Sole Society Dolce Leopard Haircalf Pouch, $69.95

2. Something to rock during the holidays that's both festive and cute. BAN.DO Champagne Is My Game Ringer Tee, $38

3. Cold winter nights require a warm scarf both cozy and stylish. Mango Striped Faux Fur Scarf, $70

4. Keep her cell phone protected with a chic case. Kiss & Wear Hudson Iphone Case, $35

5. A stylish polaroid camera to help freeze memories in style. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera, $100

6. A pair of cute sunnies perfect for brunchin.'Prive Revaux Madame Sunglasses, $29.95

7. Something neon to help brighten up her apartment. Sunnylife Toucan Neon Light, $26

8. A mug that says it all. Easy Tiger Coffee Snob Mug, $15

9. A pair of stud earrings that affirm her love of food. Kiss & Wear West 4th Hamburger and Fries Stud Earrings, $10

9 Gifts He'll Love Posted on 5 Dec 06:00 , 0 comments

He loves you for more than your gift-giving skills, but these picks will remind him that reading his mind is one of your hidden talents. From a delicious tasting whiskey to a speaker he can bring almost anywhere, these gifts are guaranteed to bring a smile to your boyfriend's face.

 men's gift guide

1. Keep his everyday essentials in check. Topo Designs Rover 16L Backpack, $139

2. Sometimes he needs a little help finding his keys. Keysmart Keychain, $20

3. Date nights just got a little more stylish. J. Fold Airwave Slimfold Wallet, $98

4. The perfect compliment to cold winter nights in. Basil Hayden's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, $37

5. Comfort is key after a hard day's work. Minnetonka Casey Slipper, $42.95

6. Give his tie, and wardrobe, an upgrade. Ox And Bull Trading Co. Tennis Racket Tie Clip, $40

7. Create your own private dance party. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, $100

8. The perfect hint for a couple's getaway. Nisolo Dopp Kit in Waxed Canvas, $58

9. Make sure he stays well-groomed. Aesop The Intrepid Gent Grooming Kit, $92

5 Ways to Be a More Sustainable & Ethical Consumer Posted on 13 Sep 11:00 , 0 comments

There's no doubt that the fashion industry is changing. Fast fashion has become the norm leading to an increase in pollution, excess waste, and more consumption than ever. In fact, Americans today buy twice as much clothing as they did 20 years ago. In addition, fast fashion clothing is poorly constructed - usually made with cheap material and labor - allowing clothing to fall apart quickly which leads to more consumption and waste. A vicious cycle, there is a way to make a difference. By learning how to buy better and by building a more ethical wardrobe, you can not only slowly help the planet but save yourself a lot of money too. Check out some of our tips on how you can be a more ethical consumer now!

sustainable fashion

1. Invest In Quality Clothes

When something is on sale or affordable, it's easy to achieve instant gratification by purchasing the item. However, little thought is given to how long the item will last, when it will go out of style, or if you'll even wear it. The key is to think long-term by purchasing fewer high-quality items that will endure time since wear and trends tend to shift.

Try this: Next time you fall in love with something at the store, ask yourself if you would wear it at least 30 times. If so, purchase it. If not, keep moving.

2. Rethink Washing Habits

25% of the carbon footprint of clothes comes from the way we care for them. Caring for clothing accurately decreases this problem. How do you take better care of your clothes? Wash them less, wash them at lower temperatures, and only dry clean them when necessary. When we do all of the above, a garment's lifespan is extended by gently preserving fabrics.

Try this: Opt to air dry or steam clothing instead of washing them. When you do wash them, only wash full machine loads, taking labels into consideration.

3. Repair, Reuse Recycle

At this point, it may seem logical to throw clothing in the garbage. However, this is the exact reason more than 1 million tons of textiles are thrown away every year. Instead of tossing out clothing, opt to restore it. Patch holes, install new zippers, sew buttons, or customize it. 

Try this: Next time you're ready to throw something out, evaluate whether or not it can be repaired. If so, keep in mind that there are a ton of workshops and online tutorials that can teach you some amazing ways to mend as revitalize your clothing.

4. Shop Less

Learn to shop smart which means buying what you love and need. This will not only ensure that everything you own is worn a lot but also matches quite well. And when you do spend a little more, make sure you purchase quality items that will last longer. So buying items you love, only when you need and that last a long time means you'll definitely be shopping much less often. 

Try this: Monitor the amount of times you shop per year. By keeping track of how many times you shop and how much you spend, you'll become more mindful of the times you purchased as well as how much you spent on something unnecessary.

5. Buy Second Hand

 Always buy second hand clothing when and if you can. Buying used clothing is probably the easiest and best way to be an ethical consumer. By extending the life of already produced clothing and not adding to the production of new items, you are being kind of the environment and to human kind. 

Try this: Next time you want to shop, opt to go to a vintage or consignment store. Contrary to popular belief, these second hand stores do sell some beautifully made designer treasures at reasonable prices. In fact, I just scored a Gucci top at one for $5 in mint condition!

7 Millennial Pink Athleisure Must-Haves Posted on 12 Jul 13:00 , 0 comments

A fan of the color pink my whole life, I've been ahead of the curve on this whole Millennial Pink trend. If you're not familiar with the term, it's not a new hue. If fact, versions of the color have been around since 2012 and span anywhere between rose quartz, candy pink, beige and even peach. As Véronique Hyland of The Cut put it, "It's ironic pink without the sugary prettiness." 

And, since I love pink and have been rocking athleisure lately, I thought it'd be fun to share my top athleisure must-haves...in millennial pink, of course! From sneakers, to sunglasses and socks, I can't get enough of these happy hues. Bring on the millennial pink!

Millennial Pink Athleisure Fashion 

1. H&M Pink Denim Jacket, $35.99

2. Deux Lux x Shobop Backpack, $50.00

3. Topshop Scoop Neck T-Shirt, $18.00

4. Quay Eclipse Sunglasses, $55.00

5. New Balance 410 Sneaker, $65.00

6. French Connection Enamel Dagger Front/Back Earrings, $16.80

7. Stance Ankle Cuff Socks, $9.95

8 Pairs of Statement Earrings to Sport this Summer Posted on 21 Jun 14:00 , 0 comments

Trade in your mega hoops and chokers for this summer's hottest new accessory; statement earrings. There's no better way to upgrade an outfit than by rocking a fun pair of earrings guaranteed to get you noticed. From colorful tassels to gold geographic designs, these dangling earrings will take you from drab to fab all summer long. Effortlessly cool and unexpected, feel glamorous with our top 8 picks of earrings that will definitely make top your go-to list of summer accessories.

statement earrings

1. Beehive Woven Dangles, $38.00

2. Vintage Squash Blossom Earrings, $5.99

3. Kenneth Jay Lane Floral Drop Earrings, $24.99

4. Pavé Fern Statement Earrings, $11.99

5. Baublebar Tratar Drop Earrings, $32.00

6. Madewell Geo Statement Drop Earrings, $34.00

7. Tempe Bead Statement Earrings, $14.00

8. John Wind Maximal Art Druzy Crystal Earrings, $48.00

7 Summer Accessories We Want Now! Posted on 14 Jun 14:00 , 0 comments

Now that summer has officially started, treat last year’s summer wardrobe to a mini makeover by freshening it up with some new accessories. To achieve an updated summer look, sport something nautical, stripe, or floral printed. Add a pop of color, an eye-catching cuff or statement pair of earrings to accentuate your look even further. Either way, feel free to mix and match these fun summer accessories- especially since they’re all under $60.

summer accessories

1. Tommy Hilfiger Striped Modal Scarf, $50.00

2. Black Floral Sunglasses, $16.99

3. Ale by Alessandra Love Clutch, $33.00

4. Trina Turk Sphere Geo Cuff, $48.97

5. Yochi Large Door Knocker Earrings, $48.00

6. Kiss & Wear Brooklyn Pendant, $68.00

7. Toggle Rope Belt, $42.00

8 Summer Must-Haves: Beach Totes Under $100 Posted on 17 May 13:30 , 0 comments

Beach season is fast approaching with Memorial Day right around the corner. It's time to remove those bikinis, flip flops, and beach towels from hiding. Enjoy the start of the summer the right way with some fun new beach accessories.

Aside from our Stevie necklace, one of our favorite accessories this summer? A beach tote, of course! We don’t only use ours for outdoor activities but for everyday use in the summer. Check out some of our favorite picks under $100!

beach bag

1. Indego Africa Cutout Beach Tote, $74.99

2. Mud Pie Rope & Jute Beach Tote, $38.00

3. Ondademar ZinniaTassel-Trim Woven Beach Tote Bag, $85.00

4. Steve Madden BSEASIDE, $78.00

5. O'Neill Joplin Tote, $50.99

6. Samudra Asymmetrical Tote Bag, $85.00

7. Workshop 28 'Mermaid Parking Only' Canvas Tote, $28.00

8. O'Neill Hot Springs Crochet Beach Tote, $32.14

Meet Queen of Tassels & Jewelry Designer, Lisi Lerch Posted on 5 Apr 14:30 , 0 comments

lisi lerch

What do you get when you take a whole lotta tassel and classic style? Lisi Lerch jewelry, of course! 

A lover of fashion and antique jewelry, Lisi first started her company in the spring of 2001. While her new husband was getting an MBA, she worked full-time at the Cornell recruiting office and designed affordable women’s Kentucky derby hats. Although she loved making hats, Lisi decided to dabble in jewelry making and became hooked instantly.

Lisi Lerch

While her hat business grew, so did her family. While pregnant with her first child, Lisi and her husband moved to Philadelphia. Not only did her company prove to be a success there, she was able to expand her line of hats to include winter ones as well. From New York to Virginia, Lisi would participate in trunk shows selling her hats from store to store.

 With her hats becoming a hassle to travel with, Lisi decided to shift gears and pursue her true passion for jewelry design. To her surprise, her collection was well received. So, after her third child was born, Lisi started showing her line at AmericasMart in Atlanta. In time, her jewelry line grew into the sought after collection you see today of tassel earrings, colorful necklaces, and eye-catching cardigans.

 lisi lerch jewelry

Since we absolutely love all of Lisi’s accessories and are inspired by her hard work, we thought it’d be fun to get to know a little bit more about this jewelry designer who credits the creative direction of her line to her grandmother’s exquisite collection of jewels. Find out where she dines and more now!

My style in 3 words...Classic, fun, and happy

My nicknames are...Lis, Mommy 

My drugstore must-have is...Lip gloss, antibacterial, and gum 

My last purchase was...A fabulous bamboo lamp from the market 

My top 3 make-up bag essentials are...lip gloss, mascara, and bronzer 

My beauty secret is...A good lip gloss, mascara, and bronzer 

I smell like...CHANEL N°5 Parfum or gardenias  

I keep in shape by...Working out with my awesome trainer Ray every morning 

My de-stress trick is...Chardonnay and a bubble bath

My secret talent is...Freakishly knowing everybody’s birthday and the all the state capitals 

My first celebrity crush was...The Six Million Dollar Man Lee Majors 

The music artist who always gets me dancing is...Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake 

My fashion icon is...Jackie O 

My guilty pleasure is...Sunbathing 

Right now, I’m obsessed with...My fluffy adorable dog, Boomer 

My favorite website is...LisiLerch.com

My favorite TV show is...This Is Us, The Affair, and The Crown 

When I have some free time, I...Play tennis 

For breakfast, I always have...a protein shake on the fly 

My favorite restaurant is...Atlanta Grill in Atlanta, GA 

My ultimate travel destination is...Any 5 star Gilligan’s Island 

In my career, I am most proud of...Being successful while continuing to be ladylike & kind. 

The best advice I’ve ever received is...Just do it!

As a jewelry designer, I’ve learned...To accept competition with open arms!!

My goal in life is...To be happy 

7 Spring Pom-Pom Accessories We Need Now Posted on 31 Mar 13:30 , 0 comments

Step up your wardrobe this spring season with these fun and colorful pom-pom pieces. From scarves to hats and jewelry, pom-poms, a hyphenated derivative of the idiomatic french word for “ball of flair,” have been popping up all over our favorite accessories. Whether you sport a more boho look or are into preppy threads, these furry bobbles are one trend we believe everyone will love.

spring pom pom trend

1. Pom-Pom Scarf, 24.00

2. Pom-Pom Bracelet, $7.00

3. Ettika Ikat-Print Pom-Pom Choker, $45.00

4. Tropical Pom Tech Crossbody, $18.00

5. M&S Collection Pom-Pom Fedora Hat, $27.00

6. Bauble Bar Melina Hoops, $34.00

7. Paperchase Llamas Clipboard and Pad, $9.50

Must-Have Valentine's Day Goodies Posted on 1 Mar 02:00 , 0 comments

At Kiss & Wear, we're all about the lip. So it's no surprise that we decided to do a fashion and beauty round-up of some of our favorite lip items. From fun lip-printed accessories to home decor and lipstick, we're sporting it all. There's no better way to show everyone you're literally loving what you wear than with a smooch.

lip print

1. SIS by Simon I Smith Pink Crystal Lips Pendant, $56.00

2. Georgia Perry Lipstick Pin, $15.00

3. Hard Candy Lip Artiste Lip Contouring Wand, $7.00

4. Kiss & Wear Hollywood iPhone Case, $35.00

5. Tartan + Twine London Soho Pouch, $9.99

6. Soludos Lip Denim Skate Sneakers, $75.00

7. Linda Farrow x Yazbukey Sunflasses, $294.00

8. Pink Girly Pop Art Lips Lumbard Pillow, $43.30