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9 Of the Best Ox Blood Lip Shades for Fall Posted on 19 Oct 03:00 , 0 comments

I'm always on the lookout when it comes to new beauty trends, especially lip ones (Kiss & Wear's logo should've given that one away), so when I heard that ox blood lips were going to be all the rage this fall, I couldn't help but get excited. A sucker for statement lipsticks and glosses, this was one trend I knew I had to rock. Check out some of my favorite picks below and start getting vampy!

ox blood lipstick

1. Lipstick Queen Medieval Lipstick, $24.00

2. Lancome Color Design Sensation Effects Lip Color in Into The Rapture, $23.00

3. NYX Cosmetics Full Throttle Lipstick in Con Artist, $6.99

4. Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in Deepest Cherry, $6.49

5. L'Oreal Colour Riche Lip Color in Blushing Berry, $7.99

6. Fiona Stiles Color Impact Matte Lip Crayon in Heliotrope, $16.00

7. Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick in Screen Queen, $21.00

8. Ulta Lipstick in Sangria, $8.00

9. NARS Lipstick in Fast Ride, $28.00

Meet Mane Message Designer, Olivia Hayward Posted on 31 Aug 02:00 , 0 comments

mane message

From glittery hair ties to vintage barrettes, hair accessories are having their moment. And for good reason: With one cute piece you get a glam new hairdo without all the fuss of a trim, color, or cut. In fact, we're obsessed with this effortless trend. It's no surprise that when we stumbled upon Mane Message, an accessory company that specializes in handmade elastic hair ties, wire headbands, bobby pins, and vintage French barrettes, we were beyond excited.

Founded in 2009 by then college student Olivia Hayward, Mane Message first started out as a creative outlet. Olivia would make accessories, photograph them and post them onto her Etsy Shop. However once her small hair tie endeavor took off and became her main source of income, she knew she was on to something. For the rest of college, she ran her company out of her teeny tiny dorm room at Pitzer College. It was there; she also learned the importance of self-motivation, drive, time-management and how passionate she was about her work.

Currently, Olivia runs Mane Message out of her home in Berkeley, California. She is inspired by current fashion trends, bright-saturated colors, pop culture as well as the San Francisco Area. Her brand can be found at stores like Paper Source and has been featured in magazines such as Us Weekly, Shape, Elle, Refinery 29, and Teen Vogue to name a few.

Although Mane Message has grown in size, it's core goal of transforming everyday essentials into things of meaning and beauty has not. Through Mane Message, Olivia encourages women to ditch their run-of-the-mill drug store hair elastics and hair clips for handmade objects of substance. Shop her collection here.

hair styles

Find out more about this cool girl and accessory designer below. She gives us the 411 on her make-up bag essentials, her personal style, and the best advice she's ever received.

My style in 3 words…Colorful, Funky and Feminine

My nicknames are…There’s a handful of people who call me Liv, but for the most part I’m just Olivia

My drugstore must-have is…This is hard for me! I have a serious drugstore beauty product addition. My top 3 products are: L’Oreal Butterfly Mascara, Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation and Dove Beauty Bars.

My last purchase was…A big ol’ cup of coffee

My top 3 make-up bag essentials are…Oil blotting sheets, lip balm and eye shadow primer

My beauty secret is…Skincare is vital!

I smell like…Currently rocking Indigo by Nest   

My de-stress trick is…Real Housewives

My secret talent is…Baking sourdough bread from scratch

My first celebrity crush was…John Mayer

 My guilty pleasure is…Trashy reality television

Right now, I’m obsessed with…The podcast Bitch Sesh. It’s a Real Housewives breakdown show by Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider.

My favorite website is…Jezebel or Etsy

My favorite TV show is…Oh goodness! How do I pick? Mad Men will always have a special place in my heart.

When I have some free time, I…Walk my dog Ramona around the neighborhood

For breakfast, I always have…Eggs, toast and coffee

My favorite restaurant is…Kirala in Berkeley, California. The sushi is amazing.

My ultimate travel destination is…So many places, but I’d love to eat my way through Italy.

In my career, I am most proud of…Building a business that challenges me and allows me to be creative on a daily basis

The best advice I’ve ever received is…“Make it Work” by Tim Gunn

As a designer, I’ve learned…It’s hard work! You have to constantly be thinking about what’s next.

My goal in life is…Happiness!

8 Sparkly Nail Polishes We Can't Live Without Posted on 2 Aug 01:00 , 0 comments

This summer, add a bit of sparkle and a whole lot of shimmer to your nails. A constant favorite, glitter can add that extra feminine flair to any look. Shine bright this season with some of our favorite glitter nail polish picks. After all, nothing looks as good as glitter on your nails...

glitter nail polish

1. Nails Inc Snowglobe Nail Polish, $15.00

2. Ciaté London Comic Strip Nail Color, $9.00

3. Londontown Minted In Style Nail Polish, $16.00

4. Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop Nail Color, $20.00

5. JINsoon Gala Nail Polish, $20.00

6. OPI To Be Or Not To Beagle Nail Polish, $5.99

7. WHIM Bold Glitters Nail Lacquer Collection, $10.00

8. essie Sparkle On Top Nial Polish, $9.00

Meet Yuui Vision, Talented Make-Up Artist and Unicorn Lover Posted on 12 Jul 03:00 , 0 comments

yuui vision

What do you get when you take a creative aesthetic eye and pair it with some talent and a make-up brush? New York City based make-up artist, Yuui Vision.

Originally from Japan, Yuui came to NYC to pursue a career as a make-up artist. Since then, she’s taken the fashion industry by storm by working for an array of well-known fashion brands including Armani Exchange, Diesel, Cynthia Rowley, and Nautica, to name a few. In addition to doing make up for fashion shoots and editorials, she also works with a number of celebrities like Sky Ferreira and Lion Babe. From natural beauty looks to more avant-garde ones, Yuui can do it all! And, unlike other make-up artists, she can also do hair and nails; she’s truly a well-versed beauty guru! beauty collage

Aside from being talented creatively, Yuui Vision is a fun babe to be around. There are definitely no dull moments on set when she is around. From her happy, outgoing personality to her love of unicorns and glitter, Yuui radiates positive energy. Curious to learn more about her, we thought it’d be fun if we could get her to share more info about herself. From her guilty pleasure to her favorite TV show, 25 questions with Yuui, starts now!

My style is 3 words…Just Do You 

My nick names are…Yuui Vision. This is what my long time friend, Kenyon Phillips, started to call me a while ago because it has been my website domain. Now, people just call me "Vision" and they believe it's my real last name sometimes.

My drug store must haves is…Starburst and RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

My last purchase was…B12 tablets. Mama needs more energy.

My makeup bag essential is…Glitter 

My beauty secret is…Good sex. 

I smell like…sniff sniff ummm, Unicorn

I keep in shape by…Running around the city and hyperventilating from stress. 

My de-stress trick is…To have a good time with friends and to reaffirm my goals. 

My first celebrity crush was…Audrey Hepburn. When I first watched Roman Holiday at age 6, that was it for me.

My secret talent is…That I can make myself cry in under 10 min.

My fashion icon is…Wait I only need to pick one icon? Ugh, then my fairy god mother, Diana Vreeland.

My guilty pleasure is…Tequila for breakfast on my days off. 

Right now, I'm obsessed with…Kim Chi!!!! She is too cute! 

My favorite website is…Have you ever heard of a website called YouTube? It's great! You should check it out.

The music artist who always gets me dancing is…I don't really dance, but you know, Britney Spears. Forever. 

My favorite TV show is…Law & Order Special Victims Unit

When I have some free time, I…Read manga

For breakfast I always have…A cup of coffee with some love and hugs.

My favorite restaurant is…Red Bamboo. I'm vegetarian and this place has good food for us. 

My ultimate travel destination is…The Moon and the Mars

In my career, I'm most proud of…Meeting countless wonderful people/unicorns and became friends with them! What a lucky lady!

The best advice I have ever received is…Brighter the light darker the shadow. My mom is pretty wise. 

As a makeup artist I learned…You become who you want to be

My life goal is…To fill the world with YAAAAAAS 

4 Summer Sunburn Remedies Posted on 21 Jun 03:00 , 0 comments

Summer is here. And with that, comes beach season. 'Tis the season to lay out all day, sip tropical drinks, and rock that new bikini. Although there's a lot going on, it's very important to take care of your skin and protect yourself from the sun. 

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that everyone use a sunscreen with an SPF 30 every day, and an SPF 50 before participating in outdoor activities. However, did you know that most people do not wear sunscreen at all?

Sunburns are inevitable either way. Whether you do prep your skin for the sun or not, they still can happen. (Especially if you haven't been in the sun for awhile)

So with that said, check out some ways you can relieve your summer sunburn below! 


1. Aloe: It’s cool, soothing, and seems to take the sting and redness right out of your sunburn.

2. Cold Milk Compress: Use gauze or a wash rag and dip it into some cold milk and apply to your skin. The milk will cool your skin while creating a layer of protein to protect your skin, help it heal, and further soothe discomfort.

3.  Stay Hydrated: It is important to always stay hydrated especially in the summer. Drink those 8 glasses of water a day!

4. Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil has a natural sun-protection factor and smells great.

5. Drink Iced Mint Tea: Mint naturally cools and soothes whatever it touches, and sunburns are no exception.

6. Vinegar: Apply Apple Cider Vinegar to your sunburn with cotton balls. While there is no official research done on how it helps sunburns in particular, there are a vast amount of people out there who swear up and down that vinegar helps heal sunburn, or mildly burned tissue in general.

7. Oatmeal Bath: The polysaccharides in oatmeal will coat and heal your skin, while the water cools you down and keeps your skin hydrated and moist.

8. Plain Yogurt: Live cultured plain yogurt contains an abundance of probiotics and enzymes that help heal our skin.

9. Cucumber: Not only is a cool cucumber soothing to the burn simply because its cool, but its antioxidant properties promote healing and further relief from discomfort.

10. Keep track of time: While it would be impractical to advise people to stay indoors during the prime hours of the day, keep track of the time. The sun is the most powerful between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Beat the Heat with These Summer Hairstyles Posted on 9 Jun 05:30 , 0 comments

As the humidity starts to rise, dressing cool & comfortably is the key to staying dry. We all might have the perfect outfit for that warm day, but what do you do with your hair? Throw it up in a messy pony? Chop it all off? Or just let it have a mind of its own? We came up with some hair tips as to how to look chic even on those warmer days.

summer hairstyles


1.  Beach Waves (this look can be done with short or long hair). Get that “I was just at the beach” look with The Gnarly Whale Beach Waves Hair Spray, $14.00
2. Low Pony. Keep your hair away from your face yet stay stylish with this chic look.
3.  Braids. Make ‘em messy. Make ‘em fishy. Whatever your heart desires!
4.  Short Hair.Sport the popular trend with a bob or with shorter locks.

Make The Switch: Summer Fragrance Posted on 26 May 06:00 , 0 comments

Summer is almost here and if you haven’t switched over your fragrance yet, now’s the time to do it.  During this time of year, perfume tends to smell stronger because your sweat and the humidity disturbs the essence of the scent.  So it is always recommended that you wear light scents throughout the hot days of summer.  Look for soft florals, fruits, and green fragrances.  Maybe something like White Tea, Blood Orange, or Jasmine.  Any ingredient that would help give off that fresh, clean aroma.
Check out our top picks that'll keep you feeling playful, confident, and delicate for the sunny season!

summer perfume


1. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette, $140.00

2. Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Eau de Parfum, $92.79

3. Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste Eau de Toilette, $82.00

4. Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom Cologne, $65.00

5. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Eau de Toilette, $100.00

6 Spring Break Beach Essentials Posted on 1 Apr 03:00 , 0 comments

With spring break around the corner, get yourself ready for the beach with this curated list of products to help you look and feel your best before and after getting that gorgeous tan!

beach bag

1. Don’t worry about your lashes at the beach! Smashbox Full Exposure Waterproof Mascara, $22.00 works beautifully to maintain a gorgeous lengthening, voluminous and long-lasting effect to create your longest, fullest lashes, with zero clumps or flakes.

2. Containing breathable and oil-free ingredients such as Vitamin E and antioxidants, throw Sun Bum SPF 30 Original Sunscreen Lotion, $9.99 into your beach bag for that extra dose of sun safety without compromising space .

3. Take off all that sweat and sand with these alcohol-free Lumene Sensitive Touch Gentle Cleansing Wipes, $6.99 that remove impurities and all non-waterproof makeup quickly from the skin, so you can quickly reveal that gorgeous glow!

4. Messy hair is a no-no at the beach, so take your coils up a notch with these fashionable Scunci Bun Wraps, $3.99 covered in chic fabrics and prints.

5. Don’t let the sand and salty beach water ruin your locks!  The new Conair Infiniti Pro Argan Oil Finishing Brush, 11.49 harnesses the conditioning powers of Argan Oil through its replaceable treatment strip. It’s the perfect brush for touchups whenever you need some extra shine!

6. Spice up your ponytail with these chic and bold colorful Scunci Hair Ties, $2.84! They fit any mood and style while maintaining a tight grip on your hair without damage or snagging.

Spring Nail Inspiration Posted on 30 Mar 03:00 , 0 comments

Have you all joined the nail art trend? If you’re anything like us, a solid color is the safe place to start. But if you’re feeling adventurous or need a little excitement in your life, check out some of our favorite spring nail art looks below. Whether you're into florals, tie-dye, or tribal print, there's a style for you. After all, why not rock this season's hottest trends in the most unexpected way?! On your nails.

spring nails

4 Must-Have Gym Bag Essentials Posted on 26 Feb 05:00 , 0 comments

Let’s face it, we all wish going to the gym was as easy as putting on spandex and walking out the door. But these days, you need a few more items to make your next gym trip worthy. Try out these 4 gym-goer must-haves:

gym bag essentials

1. A quick-dry invisible formula that refreshes hair between washes, Batiste Blush Floral & Flirty Dry Shampoo, $5.99, helps you get out of the locker room quickly and in style.

2. A refreshing and tasty way to stay hydrated and available in 5 flavors, perfect for any gym bag are Stur Drinks Liquid Water Enhancers, $19.95. Our favorite is the lemon flavor. 

3. Remove dirt, oil and make-up without rinsing with Burt’s Bees Cucumber and Sage Facial Cleaning Towelettes, $6.00.

4. Grab an instant skin pick me up to keep that post-gym glow all day long with Lumene Bright Now BB Serum, $16.49.