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9 Holiday Gifts For The Beauty Obsessed Posted on 6 Dec 07:00 , 0 comments

When shopping for a verified beauty lover, not just any basic beauty product will do. So what to get the beauty obsessed pal in your life who seemingly has it all (at least when it comes to make up and skincare)? From swoon-worthy skincare to must-have gift sets, we've rounded up some of our top favorite beauty gifts to give!

Gifts for the Beauty Obsessed

1. The ultimate eye shadow and blush palette. Smashbox Drawn In. Decked Out. Shadow + Contour + Blush Palette, $42

2. Scents to keep her smelling great all year round. Tocca Eau De Parfum Viaggio Travel Fragrance Set, $45

3. Nail polish to compliment every season. Butter London Gems 6 Pc Trend Lacquer Collection, $24

4. Colorful eyeliner hues to give her eyes that extra sparkle. Cargo Limited Edition Swimmables Eye Pencil Kit, $25

5. Her new favorite set of make up brushes. 100% Pure Luxe Brush Set, $125

6. A burst of beauty in a super sweet set that purifies and moisturizes her skin.  Foreo x Tony Moly Berry Best Friends Set, $39

7. A one-stop-shop to gorgeous, hydrated, glowing skin. Snow Fox Skincare, $30-$55

8. Keep her organized in style. Soho Blue Colorblock Medium Makeup Organizer Box, $15

9. The ultimate luxe lip set. NARSissist Velvet Lip Glide Set, $45

6 Pretty Orange Lipsticks for Every Skin Tone Posted on 2 Aug 14:00 , 0 comments

This summer, I've been all about orange lipstick which means the brighter, the bolder. Unlike red lip colors, orange shades don't have saturated blue or red undertones which allow it to be quite versatile. From sheer tangerines to bold red-oranges, orange lipsticks tend to look good with every skin tone, meaning you won't need to spend much time trying to find that "perfect shade." So ditch your go-to nude and pale pink lipsticks for the bold hue that compliments your complexion perfectly now!

kendall jenner lipstick 

1. Fashion Fair Lipstick in Orange Ole, $18

2. Shea Moisture Shea Butter Luscious Lipstick in Coral, $9.99

3. MAC Liptensity Lipstick in Ambrosial, $21

4. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lip Color in Le Orange, $37

5. Revlon Super Lustrous Pearl Lipstick in Abstract Orange, $8.79

6. NARS Matte Lipstick in Heat Wave, $28

8 Eye-Catching Minimalist Nail Designs Posted on 5 Jul 13:00 , 0 comments

Whoever said less is more is completely right. Especially when it comes to nail art. A little bit of design can go a long way.

As a long time fan of rocking "ballet slipper" and nude-colored nail polish during summer, I thought it was time to start venturing out a bit and experiment with minimalist nail designs. From colorful stripes to polka dots and glittery accents, check out some of my favorite ways to elevate an otherwise demure manicure. This summer, try one or try them all!

summer nail art

1. Stripes- Add a strip of color to all your nails or to a select few. Mix and match contrasting colors or double up on the stripes for a more modern look.

2. Tribal Print- Rock a lightly etched ethnic print on all your nails for a unique design. I prefer white polish but a colored one would do as well!

3. Stickers- A bit of sparkle goes a long way, especially in the form of a gem-like nail sticker. I love the simplicity of the star but other fun shapes include hearts and lightning bolts.

4. Polka Dots- A simple dot on each nail gives off a contemporary vibe. Although I've only seen black dots used in this manicure, a bright color like turquoise or yellow would be fun!

5. Eyes- The evil eye design has been quite popular these past few years so incorporating the design onto nails only seemed right. Sure, the eyes look intriguing but since I'm all about the lip at Kiss & Wear, I prefer to sport pairs of lips over eyes.

6. Glitter- Since I love anything that sparkles, adding sparkles to anywhere on the nail works for me. Whether you like to cover your entire nail with glitter or just a small portion, that's fine with me. As long as there's sparkle.

7. Half Moons- If you prefer to rock a little more nail color, try this clean look by painting half moons in the color you desire. Remember, pastels AND neons are the color families to wear during summer.

8. Flowers- A floral design is the epitome of a girly summer manicure. I love to get daisies due to their simplicity in color but I've also been known to rock some hot pink flowers with rhinestone as their centers.

Glossy Eyelid Tutorial with Make-Up Artist Kris Jung! Posted on 10 May 14:00 , 0 comments

Last week, we featured California Bay Area make-up artist and stylist, Kris Jung. This week, she shares an exclusive video tutorial with us on how to achieve "The Glossy Eyed" look. The secret to getting a gorgeous beauty look featuring gleaming eyelids starts now!

Glossy Eye Tutorial from kris jung on Vimeo.


Bright Stripes Nail Art DIY Posted on 12 Apr 13:30 , 0 comments

Here at Kiss & Wear, we're constantly looking for the latest fashion and beauty trends. So when we wanted a fresh new manicure idea for the spring, we turned to Sally Hansen Global Color Ambassador, Madeline Poole. Her suggestion? Bright stripes, a rainbow bright manicure with big impact. According to Madeline, "tons of bright colors revived the'80s this spring 2017 season. There was no shortage of saturation. So Madeline followed suit with a manicure to match this runway trend.

sally hansen spring 2017 manicure

Get Madeline's look by following her step by step guide to achieving this mani right at home below!

Here's what you need:

- 2 bright nail colors, we love the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel shades, $4.99-$9.99

- A top coat, we like the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat, $9.99

 - A toothpick

sally hansen manicure


1. Apply two thin coats of your nail polish of choice and allow to dry. (We used Tipsy Gipsy by Sally Hansen)

2. Use a toothpick to paint one fine stripe on each nail with a contrasting color. (We used Fish-Teal Braid by Sally Hansen)

3. Apply a top coat of your choice to seal your manicure. 

6 Ways To Get Naturally Glowing Skin Posted on 22 Mar 13:00 , 0 comments

We all want clear skin but naturally glowing skin? Even better. Sure, we know the basics of skin care, right? Use sunscreen, drink lots of water, and exercise. If all else fails, fake it with a good BB cream and blush. The truth is, skin that glows can be easy to achieve. Check out a few of favorite beauty secrets that will keep your skin looking vibrant all year long.

glowing skin 

1. Eat a healthy diet. Healthy proteins and nutritious fruits and veggies go a long way. Omega 3, found in fish oil and walnuts are extremely beneficial to your skin. Vitamin C helps existing pimples heal faster so citrus fruits, green tea, and cucumbers are your best friend. Try to eat less sugar and salt which can leave you looking bloated. 

2. Take vitamins. Vitamins intended for pregnant women are especially beneficial to your skin.

3. Prevent acne before it starts. Simple things like changing your pillowcase every 3-5 days, keeping your hands off your face, tying your hair back when you sleep, and some beauty rest make a big difference.

4. Use your night cream in the morning. Because night creams are typically more hydrating than daytime lotions, use one in the morning before applying sunblock for an extra dose of moisture.

5. Stick to gentle cleansers. Use a non-soap product like Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser morning and night to wash away grime without irritating skin.

6. Decrease your shower time. Shortening your tub time and cooling the temperature of the water will do wonders for your body. Hot showers strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it patchy and dry.

9 Must-Have Korean Beauty Products Posted on 30 Nov 02:00 , 0 comments

Lately we've been obsessed with Korean beauty products. And why shouldn't we be? The products are usually well-priced (most of the time) with industry-leading technology, and the packaging? So enticing. However, with so many Korean beauty products available in the market, it can be a bit overwhelming to find the best ones. Look no further as we did all the the work for you. From cleansing creams to sleeping masks to lip stick tints, these Korean products are the real deal.

kore beauty products

1. Tony Moly Moisture Mist, $22.50

2. Tony Moly Pandas Dream White Magic Cream, $16.00

3. Neogen Coconut Milk Pure Mild Cleanser, $21.00

4. The Face Shop Hydrating Face Mask (10 Sheets), $23.80

5. Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Cream, $16.65

6. Laneige Water Seeping Mask, $24.00

7. The Face Shop CC Ultra Moist Cushion, $29.00

8. Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask Hydration, $24.00

9. Holika Holika Waterdrop Lip Tint Stick, $15.00

5 Ways to Sweat Proof Your Summer Makeup Posted on 29 Nov 18:37 , 0 comments

As the temperature rises and summer weather arrives, the days will get hotter. Don't ruin your beauty look with sweat. Sweat-proof your makeup! After all, trying to look cool & keeping cool are two very different things. Sport a flawless, sweat-proof look all summer with these 5 tips.

make up

1. Forget the powder. Powder cakes onto your face and causes you to sweat more. Save the powder for the fall.

2. Tinted moisturizer ONLY. Moisturizer keeps your face hydrated as well as protected from the scorching sun.

3. A cream blush. The key is to keep makeup looking light and airy.

4. Add color to your lips. Use a lip color with a matte finish that moisturizes as well as makes your lips pop.

5. Add color to your lids. With waterproof mascara, eyeliner, & shadow, you can transform your look from day to night without a sweat (no pun intended).

Beauty Tips & Tricks From Celebrity Make-Up Artist, Yuui Vision Posted on 29 Nov 18:32 , 0 comments

Two days ago, we featured NYC based make-up artist and unicorn lover, Yuui Vision. Although she did share her drugstore beauty must-have and her ultimate beauty secret, we thought it’d be fun to get some beauty advice from her as well. So with that said, check out five of her make-up tips that will not only leave you feeling beautiful but build up your make-up applying confidence as well!



Good skin prep is the most important thing you can do in order to achieve great looking makeup. Many people haven't truly understood this. You always need to moisturize your skin before applying makeup. ALWAYS. 


Don't freak out if you make a mistake when applying make-up! Just take out your Q-tips and fix it. Makeup is something you can just FIX, so don't worry! 


Remember, makeup isn’t permanent; it’s not a tattoo! It can be long lasting but it won't stay on the entire day. You are human. You constantly breathe, sweat, and make facial expressions. It’s annoying but it is absolutely NORMAL when makeup moves. Just make sure to carry a small touch-up kit with you always and you'll be just fine! 


Glitter is AMAZING so don’t be afraid to wear it! In fact, not enough people who love it are rocking it. Sure, the mess it makes can be a pain, but just use scotch tape or a disposable wand to remove the excess glitter. My advice is to start small. Take baby steps. First maybe try glittery eyeliner. Soon, you’ll want to sport glitter more and more! It’s so FUN! And makeup is all about having FUN! 


People always say, "Oh I love your makeup but I will never be able to do it." YAH YOU CAN! Just do it. It washes off. DON’T try a new look as you are running out in the morning. DO try a new look before you wash your face at night when you have free time. My advice is to take some selfies! You'll be surprised to discover how many fun, new, looks you can actually pull off.

Newest Lip Trend: Mini Tattoos by Violent Lips Posted on 8 Nov 02:30 , 0 comments

Here at Kiss & Wear, we're all about the lips! From the hottest new lip shades to the cutest accessories featuring lips, we love a good lip trend. So we thought it'd be fun to try a new innovation from Violent Lips called Minis; the first ever multi-purpose mini temporary tattoos that can be worn on your lips, face, eyes, body and nails. From super cute emojis, hearts, and colorful rainbows to chic skulls, these mini tattoo appliqués can make quite the statement. So why wait, take your look to the next level and rock these fun mini tats. 

violent lips tattoo minis

These Violent Minis are truly unlike any other temporary tattoos. Most temporary tattoos are intended for a specific area on your body. Minis by Violent Lips can be worn wherever you want – they stay put on lips, face, eyelids, body and nails. You get 100 tattoos per pack so there’s so much to play with, plus the appliqués are a cinch to apply and even easier to take off (makeup remover, mineral oil or baby oil will do it). So why wouldn’t you want to try one (or two, or three or 50…)? The creative possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!

Buy a pack of 100 mini temporary tattoos for $9.99 at Violent Lips.