7 Summer Accessories We Want Now!

7 Summer Accessories We Want Now!

Now that summer has officially started, treat last year’s summer wardrobe to a mini makeover by freshening it up with some new accessories. To achieve an updated summer look, sport something nautical, stripe, or floral printed. Add a pop of color, an eye-catching cuff or statement pair of earrings to accentuate your look even further. Either way, feel free to mix and match these fun summer accessories- especially since they’re all under $60.

summer accessories

1. Tommy Hilfiger Striped Modal Scarf, $50.00

2. Black Floral Sunglasses, $16.99

3. Ale by Alessandra Love Clutch, $33.00

4. Trina Turk Sphere Geo Cuff, $48.97

5. Yochi Large Door Knocker Earrings, $48.00

6. Kiss & Wear Brooklyn Pendant, $68.00

7. Toggle Rope Belt, $42.00

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