Stay Positive With These 12 Rules Posted on 29 Nov 18:14 , 0 comments

When faced with setbacks and challenges, we’ve all received the well-meaning advice to “stay positive.” But how does one actually stay positive when faced with these hardships? Disappointment, heartbreak, and anxiety are hard to conquer. Although a daunting task in the moment, it is possible to look on the bright side of things. Follow our 12 rules to staying positive and notice your unhappiness, sadness, and stress slowly disappear.


1. Find the optimistic viewpoint in a negative situation. Ask yourself the following: What is one thing that is positive or good about this situation? What is one opportunity within this situation?

2. Cultivate and live in a positive environment.

3. Express gratitude.

4. Don't make a mountain out of a molehill. When overwhelmed say "STOP" aloud, breathe, and refocus.

5. Don't let vague fears hold you back from doing what you want. After all, what is the worst thing that can happen?

6. Add value and positivity to someone else's life. Do this by helping out, listening, or boosting the mood.

7. Exercise regularly as well as eat and sleep well.

8. Learn to take criticism in a healthy way. When faced with criticism, follow these steps: Don't reply right away. Really listen to the criticism. Remember that criticism isn't always about you. Reply or let go.

9. If something still gets under your skin then know what to do. Either let it out or improve your self-esteem.

10. Start your day in a positive way.

11. Mindfully move through your day. Don't worry about the past or the future.

12. Smile more. Smiling has the power to reduce stress and help you feel better.