Meet Melissa Chu, Yogi & Founder of Activewear Brand, RUMI X! Posted on 06 Sep 13:30 , 0 comments

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A passionate environmentalist and former yoga instructor, Melissa Chu founded activewear brand, RUMI X, in 2015 to provide a fashion forward solution to the global waste crisis. Before starting Rumi X, this San Francisco native graduated from the Art Institute of California in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Business Marketing with a focus on fashion and retail. With an eye for design Melissa went on to work with fashion powerhouses BCBGMAXAZRIA Group, Tommy Hilfiger and LVMH Group.

The name Rumi stems from the inspirational 13th century Persian poet, scholar, and Sufi mystic whose words of wisdom have inspired for centuries.
 “The RUMI X concept evolved from speaking to the yoga and wellness community”, explains Melissa. “It was clear to me that the apparel we wore was not contributing positively to our yoga experience”.

Committed to creating a line of apparel that both allowed its wearers to express their personality and better serve the environment, Chu insisted on using eco-friendly materials only. The result? Breathable, flattering and vibrant sports wear and everyday apparel, comprised from recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds. “Trash is a growing problem, so finding uses for non-biodegradable materials like plastic is a must. Plastic, once cleaned, shredded, melted and stripped into thread, is indistinguishable from polyester," adds Chu. Coffee grinds are embedded into a fiber used to create the fabric, which allows for maximum odor control, a dry-fast texture, UV protection and breathability.

rumi x athleticwear

Priced all under $100, the collection includes stylish leggings, supportive sports bras, tanks and long sleeve tops in multiple colorways and prints. The leggings feature slimming wide waistbands and gusset lining for extra comfort and exclusive breathable and super soft fabric. Conveniently, for women on the run, all leggings also have a barely visible pocket to keep cards, keys and loose change safe, and can be thrown right into the laundry without any leakage of color.

Let’s get to know Melissa a little bit more as she shares her beauty secrets, de-stress tricks and more!

My style in 3 words...Color, comfort, casual

My nicknames are...Lissy, Snoopy and “Yeejai” which means “Little auntie” in Chinese (my 3-year old niece calls me that)

My drugstore must-have is…Contact lens solution, I know it’s super boring!

My last purchase was…Sonic care toothbrush

My top 3 make-up bag essentials are…Kenebo KATE Eyebrow Pencil, Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Berry, RMS Lip2Cheek in Smile

My beauty secret is…Gel facial sheet masks, I discovered them in Asia. I travel often and my skin gets dehydrated from flying in planes. These gel based sheet masks are translucent and jelly-like. They work just like the paper sheet masks that are all the rage in K-beauty, but deliver so much moisture! I swear by it to keep my skin hydrated and looking fresh even when I’m exhausted.

I smell like…Frankincense and lavender, I love mixing pungent essential oils

I keep in shape by…YogaGlo at home (my favorite classes are Jo Tastula and Jason Crandell’s), pilates, kickboxing

My de-stress trick is…Getting outdoors and long hikes with my German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix pup, Kobe

My first celebrity crush was…John Francis Daley from Freaks and Geeks

My guilty pleasure is…Cheetos puffs

Right now, I’m obsessed with…Kayla Itsines Recipes Guide E-book, they are so tasty and light, perfect for quick and healthy meals in the summertime

 When I have some free time, I…Read up on spirituality and self-healing, I’m current reading Deepak Chopra’s book, Super Brain

For breakfast, I always have…Egg whites, tomato and kale scramble with a side of avocado

My favorite restaurant is…I have a few different ones, my favorite place in Hong Kong is The Optimist. In California, I love Vietnamese Pho and Taquerias in the Mission. In New York I love Joseph Leonard.

My ultimate travel destination is…Bali, it’s a magical place and my happy place

In my career, I am most proud of…Starting a company and seeing it grow, shaping RUMI X as it stands today. It amazes me each and every day to see how far we’ve come and exciting to see what’s ahead.

The best advice I’ve ever received is…To give as well receive. It sounds so simple but I’ve always had a challenging time with receiving, I was always the giver. I’ve learned you must be willing to receive to allow someone else to give. It’s the flow of energy in the universe!

My goal in life is…To continuing growing in my path of spirituality, and to help others in becoming more mindful and conscious citizens