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This week we're excited to introduce you to one of our new favorite up-and-coming jewelry designers, based out of the west-village in NYC, Trisha Okubo. Founder and Creative Director of Maison Miru, Trisha's personal mission is to make every day extraordinary - filling each day with friends and family, sparks of loveliness, and a bit of adventure. 

Trisha’s love for jewels blossomed in childhood when she would play with the beautiful heirlooms in her mother’s jewelry box, viewing each piece as something precious and cherished. That idea that jewelry is memory incarnate remains at the core of the Maison Miru brand. 

Offering classic and personal designs that can be worn every day and for special occasions, Maison Miru is an online, direct-to-consumer jewelry brand dedicated to connecting women to the people and experiences they love. From pieces to wear on your wedding day to gifts for the most important women in your life, the intention of Maison Miru jewelry is keeping those you love close to your heart.

Maison Miru Jewelry

Prior to launching Maison Miru, Trisha held business operations and product management roles at JOYUS and eBay Fashion, among others. She holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University and completed jewelry coursework at London College of Fashion.

Read more about Trisha, her de-stress tricks, and what she's most proud of in her career. Shop her jewels here, we highly recommend it!

My style in 3 words…New York Black? I love to eat, and I tend to spill a lot on myself.

My nicknames are…I don’t really have a nickname, but people love to call me Trish. I don’t mind it – it makes it feel like we’re already friends.

 My drugstore must-have is…Dunkin Donuts coffee beans. Don’t get me wrong – I love third wave artisanal coffee as much as the next gal – but there’s something so comfortable and essential about a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee. I have seven different ways to make coffee at home, and fancypants beans from all over (Seattle to Copenhagen), but sometimes all you want (or have time for) is a cup of Dunkin.

My last purchase was…A family of vintage plastic penguins from the Brimfield Antiques market in Massachusetts. I saw them on a table in the market, turned to my husband, and said, “I have to have them.” The whole penguin family sits at the top of the stairs, and they bring a smile to my face every time I walk by.

My top 3 make-up bag essentials are…Marc by Marc Jacobs lipstick in Showstopper – a strong red lip is all you really need. Crème de la Mer for moisturizing cream that doesn’t make your skin oily. Foundation with SPF to avoid sun damage. I’m a minimal kind of girl.

My beauty secret is…A good night’s sleep is more magic than any set of creams and potions.

I smell like…Cake pudding. This is a thing. There’s a bakery called Sugar Sweet Sunshine on the Lower East Side in NYC, and they make the most amazing chocolate chip cake pudding. It’s a butterscotch pudding base with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and bits of cake. It’s heavenly. I just ate half an order of it.

I keep in shape by…Personal training three times a week. My personal trainer, Natalie, is one of my favorite people. She’s intense – and she always pushes me to try harder. I’m very all or nothing, so we get along fabulously.

My de-stress trick is…Remembering how small we are in space of the universe. There’s a great passage in Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking. She talks about how she found earthquakes deeply satisfying: the world is governed by the cycles and patterns of nature that are indifferent to human existence. Whenever things feel overwhelming, I remember that whatever is troubling me is No Big Deal in the grand scheme of things.

My secret talent is…Downing a cup of coffee and then promptly going to sleep. I’m a fast caffeine metabolizer.

My first celebrity crush was…I’ve never been into celebrity crushes – I find the people that are right in front of me much more fascinating than anyone I see on screen.

The music artist who always gets me dancing is…Anything Gershwin. Or old school jazz. I’m an old soul.

My fashion icon is…It’s hard to choose just one! I love the idea of a uniform – the ultimate embodiment of this idea is Steve Jobs and his black turtlenecks and jeans. But at the other end of the spectrum, I also love the theatricality of an Iris Apfel – more than anything in particular that she wears, I love that she dresses for herself. She’s not following anyone’s idea of fashion – she’s creating her own style.

My guilty pleasure is…A good afternoon nap. A disco nap, if you will.

Right now, I’m obsessed with…Mary Louise Parker’s memoir Dear Mr. You. It’s prose and poetry, all in one. It’s also hauntingly beautiful and laugh out loud funny at the same time. I’ve been on a memoir kick – from Jessica Fechtor’s Stir to Vladimir Nabokov’s Speak, Memory.

My favorite website is…Anything that allows me to connect with the people I love: Gmail, Facebook, Instagram.

My favorite TV show is…The West Wing. It’s old school – but I think the world would be a better place if it were scripted by Aaron Sorkin.

When I have some free time, I…Walk around and explore new neighborhoods. I love discovering new things.

For breakfast, I always have…Gardein 7-Grain Crispy Tenders. They’re like chicken fingers, but meatless – and actually ridiculously delicious.

My favorite restaurant is…Ahhhh….there’s too many to list. My favorite restaurant in my neighborhood (West Village, NYC) is L’Artusi. When my husband and I were looking at apartments, we were partially sold on the one we chose based on its proximity to L’Artusi. Even on the coldest days, we can pop by for their Tagliatelle Bolognese Bianco. It’s heavenly.

My ultimate travel destination is…Anywhere, as long as it is with the people I love. I’m not so much about the destination – it’s more about spending quality time and experiences with loved ones.

In my career, I am most proud of…Always moving forward and never giving up. Even when the going gets tough. Especially when the going gets tough.

The best advice I’ve ever received is…When you’re deciding what to do, you can’t make everyone happy. Someone is inevitably going to be upset with the decision you make. The most important thing is to make sure that person isn’t you. In other words: do what you think is best, and you won’t go wrong.

As a designer and entrepreneur, I’ve learned…The importance of down time. I grew up around the Silicon Valley tech culture, where working long, hard hours is glorified. I’m all for hard work – I do hard work – but I like to stop when I’m getting diminishing returns. When you’re staying late at the office just to say you’re working late, you’re just wasting time that you could be spending doing something amazing. A 24/7 work mentality isn’t conducive to creativity – or for building for the long haul. Building a movement, building a company you believe in – this is work that’s not done in a day, or a quarter, or a year. Save your energy, and refresh yourself by doing something fun for yourself.

My goal in life is…To make a positive difference in the world. To make life just a little bit better.