8 Magical Unicorn Accessories You'll Rock Everyday Posted on 18 Jan 01:30 , 0 comments

Unicorns are having a big moment in fashion right now. From dainty jewelry pieces to large inflatable pool toys, these magical creatures are quite the rage. Often depicted glittery or with a rainbow or two, it's impossible to not want to get in on this trend. So don't let your sparkle get unnoticed and rock some of our favorite, fun unicorn accessories now!

Unicorn Accessories

1. Kate Spade Whimsies Unicorn Brooch, $78.00

2. Kiss & Wear Melrose Hairclip, $12.00

3. Berry Unicorn Ring Holder, $19.49

4. Unicorn Crossbody Bag, $17.90

5. Funboy The Rainbow Unicorn Inflatable Pool Float, $99.00

6. Unicorn & Rainbow Mismatched Earrings, $20.00

7. Casetify Lots of Unicorns iPhone 7 Case, $40.00

8. Topshop Blue Unicorn Glitter Socks, $6.00