How To Look Like A Million Bucks For Less

How To Look Like A Million Bucks For Less

Can't afford designer duds? No sweat! Create the illusion of expensive clothing without having to spend like a rockstar with our useful tips. Rock some gold, sport a belt, or stick to tailored separates and you'll have people wondering how you always seem to look so luxe and put together.

1. Get It Tailored- Perfectly fitting clothes fall better and therefore look more chic.

2. Dress In Tonal Colors- Monochromatic outfits in black and white work best!

3. Beauty Matters- Make sure your hair is clean and  your make-up is in check.

4. Rock A Belt- Tuck in those shirts 

5. Matching Shoes & Bag: Like pieces look more polished and together.

6. Avoid Prints At All Cost- Leopard print is the only exception.

7. Layer On- A great coat or jacket is your best friend.

8. Keep Handbags Shiny and New- A little windex goes a long way on patent leather and filling bags when storing them helps them keep their structure.

9. Make Sure Everything is Pressed- For times you can't hide behind a coat, your iron becomes your second best friend.

10. Gold Accessories- Dress up any look instantly with a bright gold statement piece.


In the meantime, here are some of our favs that meet the above criteria....

1. Floerns High Waisted Pleated Wide Leg Palazzo Pants Trousers, $32



2. Linsery 2 Piece Ribbed Tracksuit, $52



3. Olaplex Bond Maintenance System Set, $90

4. Coach Women's Signature Buckle Belt, $95-$104



5. JW PEI Women's Carly Saddle Bag, $79 / Franco Sarto Women's Tribute, $150




6. Big Dart Leopard Blouse, $25


7. PRETTYGARDEN Fleece Jacket / Sherpa Coat, $51




8. Windex Glass and Window Cleaner, $3.50



9. BEAUTURAL Steam Iron for Clothes, $27


10. 18k Gold Pig Nose Chain Necklace, $13




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