4 Ways to Incorporate Exercise into Your Schedule

4 Ways to Incorporate Exercise into Your Schedule

This may sound cliché but this year, I made it a point to join a gym. I wanted to establish a habit of regular exercise and a routine that would allow me to manage my day to day stress as an entrepreneur. Although I knew exercise was essential to my health and well-being, I never viewed working out as a priority. A month into my membership, not only have I enjoyed going to the gym, I've found a few ways to make exercise part of my regular routine. With a few tweaks and a lot of determination, you too, can find time to change your life positively through exercise.


1. Schedule your workouts just as you would any other appointment. Exercise will have a positive impact on your entire day.

2. Even if you don't feel like exercising, just do it! This is especially important in the early stages of your program as regular visits build the foundation for success.

3. Whether you work out in the morning, afternoon or evening, exercise at the same time each day for the next three months. This will help you develop a regular habit.

4. Do not overdo it. Set a goal of 3-4 visits per week; your joints and muscles need time to recover.

No matter how you exercise, just work it in and make it fun! Remember, keeping fit is a lifestyle.

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