DIY Under The Sea Gift Wrap

DIY Under The Sea Gift Wrap

At Kiss & Wear, we're all about gift giving. And gift wrapping! After all, a wonderful gift should come in a beautiful package. 

To our surprise, we randomly stumbled upon an under the sea themed gift wrap idea from Handmade Charlotte, a fun DIY site featuring a lot of cool craft ideas and recipes. Not only is this gift wrap appropriate for summer, it's gorgeous too. Perfect for weddings, showers, and birthdays, this is a wrapping idea you'll definitely use time and time again.

seaweed gift wrap

Here's what you need:

- Blue wrapping paper

- Scissors

- Glue gun with clear glue stick

- Ribbon

- Plastic seaweed (the kind you'd buy for a fish tank)



1. Wrap the gift with the blue wrapping paper.

2. Cut the seaweed leaves and stems off the plastic bases

3. Wrap and tape down a piece of ribbon around the top of the gift - this is the direction your seaweed with lay.

4. Arrange the seaweed in a way that you like and glue it in place with your glue gun.

*Note: If you find the present too plain, feel free to add some beautiful shells around with glue to compliment the seaweed and add dimension.

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