2 Step DIY: Studded Pumpkins Posted on 26 Oct 02:30 , 0 comments

While shopping with a friend the other day, I stumbled upon a boutique decorated with the cutest little studded pumpkins. Suddenly a lightbulb went on and I thought to myself that these pumpkins would make the best centerpieces for my Halloween party. So, after spending about 5 minutes searching the internet for studded pumpkins, I stumbled upon a wonderful DIY from Spray Paint and Chardonnay. Not only are these pumpkins chic and perfect for the fashion forward, they're quite easy to make. Thirty minutes and 45 studs later, all I have to say is that I will never carve another pumpkin again. The best part? No mess and all the compliments...

studded pumpkin

Here's what you need:

- Pumpkin (*tip: Using fake pumpkins allows you to keep for many years)

- Black acrylic craft paint

- Paint brush

- Iron-on pyramid studs 

- Hot glue gun + glue sticks



1. Paint your pumpkin black and let it dry completely.

2. Once dry, hot glue [using low temp] the iron-on studs to each segment of the pumpkin.

*tip: For larger pumpkins, try using a studded trim; it truly cuts the production time in more than half!