DIY: Lucky Charmed Cake Posted on 15 Mar 02:00 , 0 comments

We don't know about you but every chance we get to celebrate a holiday we do... for the food, of course! And with St. Patrick's Day approaching, we thought we'd share a fun and cute recipe we found from one of our favorite bakers, Alana Jones-Mann. Last year we taught you how to make Lucky Charms Munch so for this year, we thought we'd elevate our love for Lucky Charms with this Lucky Charmed Cake recipe. More aesthetically pleasing, this dessert will not only have your friends feeling lucky, it'll have you feeling proud you made something so beautiful without too much effort (or clean up). Enjoy!

lucky charms cake


- Lucky Charms cereal

- Buttercream frosting

- 2 (or more) cakes

- Food processor

- Frosting spatula

* Notes: before you start, bake two cakes of the same size. While they cool, take a box of Lucky Charms cereal and separate the marshmallows from the oat. Using a food processor, process a couple handfuls of oats. If you want to add a little color, throw in a few marshmallows before processing.


1. To assemble the cake, place your first cake layer on a cake plate. Use a knife to level the top of the cake (if necessary). Add a layer of buttercream frosting, as well as a thin layer of the processed cereal before adding the second layer of cake on top. Again, if needed, use a knife to level the top of your second cake layer.

 2. Once you’ve assembled the cake add a layer of buttercream frosting (the crumb layer) around the exterior and place the cake in the fridge to set.

3. Once the frosting is set, add a second layer of frosting and then cover the frosted cake with the marshmallows.

4. Allow the cake to set in the fridge once more before serving. When cutting the cake, make sure to use a sharp knife to allow for clean cuts through the marshmallows.