DIY: Gilded Edge Marble Slab Trays

DIY: Gilded Edge Marble Slab Trays

Browsing Pinterest for some new summer projects, I stumbled upon this gilded edge marble slab tray project from Lauren Conrad. So gorgeous yet simple, I had to try and make this fun piece for myself. And, it truly was such an easy DIY. Like the original story stated, two stores and a few hours later, I had a beautiful marble tray to call my very own. Although I use my tray to display Kiss & Wear jewelry at trade shows, one of my girl friends uses hers as a charcuterie plate while entertaining. With so many uses, this DIY tray is truly something you will use time and time again!

marble tray

Here's what you need:

- Gold paint (be sure to uses non-toxic paint or sealant if you are using the trays for food)

- A small paint brush

- A marble slab

- Liquid glue

- Small pieces of cork board


1. Grab your paintbrush and gently dip it into the gold paint. Use the correct size paintbrush depending on how big or small the marble slab is. Paint around the edge of the entire slab. The beauty of this DIY craft is that if you paint a little above or below the edge, it will still look stunning. Let the paint fully dry before proceeding to step two.

2. To be sure that your marble slab doesn’t scratch any of your surfaces, it is important to glue cork board to the bottom of your slab. You can cut the cork board into any shape you desire: a circle, triangle, or even a heart. Cover one side of the cork board piece with a layer of glue. Use enough glue to be sure it will stay on through typical wear and tear.

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