DIY: Dip-Dye Ombre Skirt

DIY: Dip-Dye Ombre Skirt

What girl doesn't love a tulle skirt?! Not only are they feminine but they are fun to sport as well. So with that said, let's take a page out of Carrie Bradshaw's style book and resurrect the the tutu skirt. Although it's been over a decade since Sex & The City ended, style bloggers, fashionistas, and It-girls are finding fresh, new ways to rock tulle. Our favorite way? A dip-dye ombre tulle skirt and tee.

Make your own dip-dye tulle skirt with this tutorial we found on Bespoke Bride below.

dip dye skirt

Here's what you need:

- White tulle skirt

- Fabric dye in the colors you choose

- Dye salt

- Bucket

- Warm water



1. Following your dye instructions prepare your dye, salt and warm water as instructed.

2. Next, submerge the bottom half of your tulle skirt into the dye and make sure all of the layers of tulle are dipped in. My dye instructions said to leave it for 15 minutes then give the water and fabric a stir then leave it for a further 45 minutes so that’s what I did! I then pulled the skirt out and left it to dry until the fabric was damp but not fully dry. 

3. After, you need to do exactly the same thing with your other chosen color but placing the other half of the skirt in the dye. Once you’ve completed your dye time carefully pull the skirt out (making sure no dye drips down onto the other color) and hang it up to fully dry.

Note: You may want to run your skirt through a cold wash once it’s dry depending on your dye instructions.

 4. Rock your dip-dye skirt and wear it with pride. Please note that it looks best when paired with Kiss & Wear accessories.

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