Disco Ball Headband DIY Posted on 4 Jan 01:30 , 0 comments

This year my boyfriend and I hosted New Year's Eve at our apartment so I decided to get a little creative. When browsing the internet for hat ideas, I stumbled upon this fun, disco ball headband DIY from A Subtle Revelry and fell in love. Not only is this accessory cute enough to don for NYE but it can be worn all year long! 

disco ball headband


Here's what you need:

- 4cm Disco ball ornaments with a polystyrene base

- Plastic headband

- Glue gun



1. There will be a small hole in the polystyrene where you removed the clasp, carefully fill this hole with hot glue.

2. Once dry, fix the disco balls to the head band using hot glue, and hold in place until firmly stuck.

3. Stick the first ball in the middle of the headband and work outwards to keep it symmetrical.

4. A small drop of glue between each disco ball will stick them to each other, and make the headband more stable.

5. When the whole thing is completely dry, snip off any excess glue strands and it is ready to wear.