8 Benefits of Coloring And Why You Should Try It

8 Benefits of Coloring And Why You Should Try It

Coloring books are the latest trend and unlike many other fads, this one is actually good for you. Coloring is not only a stress-free activity but it allows your mind to get the rest it needs. Aside from it's therapeutic abilities, coloring has many other benefits. Check out some reasons we hope will convince you to take up some crayons or colored pencils and get to work!

coloring benefits

1. Coloring Helps De-Stress: People who color experience more calmness and witness less stress.

2. Coloring Activates Both Parts of the Cerebral Hemisphere: The action of coloring uses both logic and creativity. We use logic to pick up a color for a specific shape or color and we use creativity to mix and match them.

3. Coloring Takes Us Back to Childhood: Getting back to happy memories helps one relax, feel optimistic, and energetic for the future.

4. Coloring is Like Meditation: Meditation is the art of doing nothing and de-concentrating which helps us relax. Coloring can help induce the same meditative state.

5. Coloring Helps Reduce Anxiety: The artistic expression we receive from coloring helps us go deeper into a relaxed state making other forms of therapy more effective. 

6. Coloring Helps You Re-Discover Yourself: Coloring can help us get out of dull or stressful routines, making us feel more comfortable and relaxed at the end of a long day.

7. Coloring Helps Spark Creativity: Those who color regularly find that they become great at picking colors for their clothes, interiors, etc. Coloring helps people become more creative in their jobs, analytical thinking, and several other aspects of work as well as play.

8. Coloring Helps Us Connect With Our Inner Child: When we connect with our inner child, we can break our negative thinking patterns as an adult. And when we love ourselves more unconditionally, we become a self-confident, radiant person who is ready to take on the world without fear.

Our favorite coloring books? Very Bradley's Paisley and Floral Patterns Coloring Books, $15.00 each.

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