4 Must-Have Gym Bag Essentials

4 Must-Have Gym Bag Essentials

Let’s face it, we all wish going to the gym was as easy as putting on spandex and walking out the door. But these days, you need a few more items to make your next gym trip worthy. Try out these 4 gym-goer must-haves:

gym bag essentials

1. A quick-dry invisible formula that refreshes hair between washes, Batiste Blush Floral & Flirty Dry Shampoo, $5.99, helps you get out of the locker room quickly and in style.

2. A refreshing and tasty way to stay hydrated and available in 5 flavors, perfect for any gym bag are Stur Drinks Liquid Water Enhancers, $19.95. Our favorite is the lemon flavor. 

3. Remove dirt, oil and make-up without rinsing with Burt’s Bees Cucumber and Sage Facial Cleaning Towelettes, $6.00.

4. Grab an instant skin pick me up to keep that post-gym glow all day long with Lumene Bright Now BB Serum, $16.49.

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