10 Fashion Illustrators We're Loving!

10 Fashion Illustrators We're Loving!

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In case you couldn't tell, here at Kiss & Wear, we love fashion illustration! So, today, we we thought it’d be fun to highlight one of our favorite art forms that has somewhat been lost in the last couple years. Developed almost 500 years ago, since clothes have been in existence, fashion illustration was once considered to be visual luxury. However, more recently, there has been a decline of fashion illustration since the late 1930s when Vogue began to replace its celebrated illustrated covers with photographic images.

Although we do appreciate the work of make up artists, stylists, and photographers who are responsible for the beautiful celebrities and models we see on the covers of magazines, there is just something about fashion illustration that photographs cannot encompass. Some of our favorite artists include Blair Brietenstein, Rongrong Devoe, Meagan Morrison, and the iconic Donald Robertson. Check out more of their amazing work below…

1. Amanda Brooks

2. Meagan Morrison

3. Donald Robertson

4. Blair Breitenstein

5. Sew Sketchy

6. Sujean Rim

7. Monica Smiley

8. Rongrong Devoe

9. Justin Teodoro

10. Sunny Gu

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