Meet Molly Shaheen, the Cool Girl Bringing the Fanny Pack Back!

Meet Molly Shaheen, the Cool Girl Bringing the Fanny Pack Back!

molly shaheen

If you’re a sucker for innovative leather goods, stylish bags, and unique accessories we’ve got the brand for you- Molly Shaheen NYC.

Launched in the Spring of 2014, designer Molly Shaheen, first introduced her namesake brand as a line of leather fanny packs focusing on structure, texture, and wearability. Since then, her growing cult following inspired her to launch new, modern products including leather phone holsters, classic leather totes, and eye-catching card holders. Not only are the pieces strikingly beautiful, they are well made. Each collection is crafted from 100% genuine leather- fully designed and manufactured in the United States. In fact, it was her prior experience working at Diane von Furstenberg, Helmut Lang, Theory, and Ralph Lauren that shaped her understanding and knowledge to deliver high-quality products to her customers.


When she’s not working on glitzing up a mickey house head for a fanny pack or picking out a chic looking leather for a card case, Molly can be found doing hot yoga or watching Seinfeld. Her goal in life is to inspire young women to pursue their passions and is willing to lend out a hand in making sure they do that. Find out more about Molly and what shapes her not only as a designer but as a person below!

My style in 3 words... Leather, fur, sparkles.

My nicknames are... As of 2014, “Mollypacks” has been a popular one. When I first launched my business, friends started calling me by the name of my first fanny pack collection: Mollypacks. It stuck ever since!

My drugstore must-have is... Anything on sale. I just bought 5 boxes of cereal for $1.97 that I’m pretty excited about.

My last purchase was... 5 boxes of cereal for $1.97

My top 3 make-up bag essentials are... Sephora black liquid eye liner, Mehr Matte lipstick by MAC, and Orgasm blush by Nars.

My beauty secret is... Anti-Winkle Serum by Simple Extracts Skincare and Sienna Naturals body cream (I use it on my face because I have really dry skin. It saved me!).

I smell like... I prefer not to wear perfume and rely solely on my hair products to give me a nice scent.

I keep in shape by... Hot yoga at Modo Yoga! I haven’t been so great at working out so I just signed up for a membership to get me going again. So far so good!

My de-stress trick is... Yoga and listening to Justin Bieber. Usually not at the same time.

My secret talent is... I honestly do not have one! Although more and more people keep telling me how surprised they are with my cooking and baking. Does that count?

My first celebrity crush was... Brad Renfro! Does anyone even know who he is? I was in love with him. Ripped out an entire spread of him in a magazine and put it in my locker in the 8th grade. Long hair that he would shake out of his face. So dreamy. I wonder where he is now...oh my God I just looked him up...he died. Heroin overdose. RIP Brad. RIP .

The music artist who always gets me dancing is... I’m sort of an awkward dancer because I have long limbs, but I do love to move aggressively in place to A$AP Ferg.

My fashion icon is... No one famous, but my proper grandma (I call her proper because, well, she’s proper) has mad cool style. I pretty much try to dress like her every day.

My guilty pleasure is... Eating Adirondack Mint Chip ice cream (it’s the absolute bomb) and watching Real Housewives of...whatever. Ill watch them all!

Right now, I’m obsessed with... My nephew. He thinks I’m super weird but he’s only 6 months old soooooo...what does he know.

My favorite website is...

My favorite TV show is... Seinfeld. I watch it every single night. Rick and Morty is pretty awesome, too.

When I have some free time, I... Facetime my friend and her 2 year old daughter. She’s really into talking in a deep creepy voice and repeating everything you say. The kid, not my friend.

For breakfast, I always have... Greek yogurt, fresh berries, and granola. Yum. I’m hungry.

My favorite restaurant is... If I want a great salad and wings (my favorite meal) I go to Upright Brewhouse on Hudson. If I want to stuff myself and impress friends I go to Panca on 7th Ave (best Peruvian food I’ve ever had)

My ultimate travel destination is... Oh so many places right now...but my top at the moment is Machu Picchu (I know join the club...but I REALLY want to go!)

In my career, I am most proud of... Starting my own business, of course!

The best advice I’ve ever received is... Fail fast when trying new processes. If it’s not working, move on! And when it comes to cooking, “Low and Slow”

As an entrepreneur and accessory designer, I’ve learned... Believe in your product and stay passionate. You have to push through and keep going when things don’t seem so great.

My goal in life is... To inspire young women to pursue their passions. I always appreciate a strong female business owner and if I can help others the same way I’ve been helped then I can die happy.

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