7 Funny Valentines For Your Love Posted on 8 Feb 02:30 , 0 comments

February 14th is that special time of year when hearts and xo’s rule. A time to show someone you care about how you truly feel. So why not show your significant other how much you love them with one of these funny Valentines? They’ll be sure to love them…but hopefully not as much as you.

valentines cards


1. Valentine's Perks Card by Little Low, $4.50

2. Vitamin Me Card by Georgie Pearl Designs, $4.50

3. Right Swipe Material Valentine by Turtles Soup, $4.00

4. That Ass Though Valentine by Hella Fresh Designs, $3.99

5. Drake Valentine, $3.02

6. Koozie Love Card, $5.95

7. Emoji Valentine Card by Georgie Pearl Designs, $4.50