DIY Disco Ball Succulent Planters

DIY Disco Ball Succulent Planters

Lately, we've been into succulents. And, since we love sparkly things, we thought it'd be fun to share a DIY project we found on A Bubbly Life that combines two of our favorite things. These disco ball succulent planters are not only stylish but they are easy to make. The perfect way to add some flair to a room, they double up as a fun hostess gift as well!

diy disco ball planters


-Mini Disco Balls or Disco Ball Ornaments

- X-acto Knife or Craft Knife

- Succulent 


1. Remove the ornament top, comes off with a strong tug!  (or if you have mini disco balls, you can skip that step)

2. Carve out hole with knife to put succulent in!

Note: You may need to trim a little bit off the bottom of the disco ball with the knife to make the bottom flat.

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