Host Super Bowl Like A Champ!

Host Super Bowl Like A Champ!

Need some tips on how to plan an awesome Super Bowl party? There are so many different options when it comes to Super Bowl party ideas. Just don’t lose sight of what that night is all about: football, food, and fun.


- Plan simple, portable foods. A buffet is your only option. Nobody wants to be sitting down at a table to eat when they’d rather be screaming at a television set or two!

- Set up as many televisions as you have available around the party area.

- Don’t prepare recipes that will keep you locked in the kitchen all night. You should enjoy the party too.

- Have one room set aside without a television for partygoers who aren’t interested in the game and would like a quieter place to talk.

- Likewise, set up one room with a television for serious football fans who don’t want to be distracted by idle chatter.

- Plan on plenty of beverages, and don’t forget the beer. With all of those beer commercials bombarding your guests, they’ll be working up a strong thirst for the suds.

- If you feel compelled to decorate, think team colors, footballs, team jerseys, goal posts, and pennants. But don’t knock yourself out. Most eyes will be more impressed by the clear reception on your television.

- Have lots of paper towels, napkins and rug cleaner handy for messes created during exciting plays.

- Keep a little spare change and small bills handy for any betting pools that just might pop up over the course of the evening.

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