DIY: Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars

DIY: Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars

It's manimonday, so why not celebrate it with a fun, new manicure tutorial. A child of the '80s, one of my most favorite treats and after dinner desserts were Mickey Mouse ice cream bars. So chocolatey and cute, they always brightened up my day. Still a fan of sweets, I thought, why not create one of my childhood favs as nail art? So easy and fun, these Micky Mouse ice cream bar nails are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

mickey mouse ice cream nail art tutorial

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream  Bar Tutorial

Materials Needed: white and  brown nail polish, bobby pin,  tooth pick

1. Paint each nail with white  nail polish.

2. For the Mickey Mouse  head, dip one end of  the bobby pin into the  brown nail polish and draw 3 dots in  the center of each nail, with the dot in the center being  slightly bigger than the ones on each side. Sometimes  I choose to draw only one  side dot so it looks as if one  of the dots, or ears, has been bitten off.

3. Mix the brown and white nail polish to make a cream color.

4. Dip the tooth pick into the cream color and draw a line under the mouse head to signify a stick.

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