8 Too Cool For School Backpacks

8 Too Cool For School Backpacks

One may think backpack and revert back to their elementary school years or in my case, the ‘90s. Remember how fashionable those Prada and mini backpacks were?

Luckily, backpacks have not become a thing of the past. In fact, they’ve evolved into a more fashionable accessory- one that an adult, like myself, wouldn’t mind sporting every now and then. Okay, okay. I don’t think I’d ever trade in my it-bags permanently for these but for the occasional music festival, fashion week, or vacation? Why not!

1. Sole Society Elle Faux Leather Mini Backpack, $44.95

2. Deux Lux Lexington Backpack, $138.00

3. Deux Lux Elle Large Backpack, $79.00

4. Phase 3 City Backpack, $78.00

5. LeSportsac Voyager Backpack, $148.00

6. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Julian Backpack, $136.50

7. Cynthia Rowley Brody Boucle-Print Scuba/Leather Backpack, $115.50

8. Baggu Canvas Backpack, $22.80


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