7 Friendship Bracelets Under $50

7 Friendship Bracelets Under $50

Let your friends know you love them by giving them the ultimate token of appreciation; a friendship bracelet, of course! No longer just woven fabric, this classic accessory has revamped itself in the form of charms, metal, and bling. Mix and match your favorites for an extra unique look or stay true to that bestie of yours by rocking one solo. 

friendship bracelets under $50


1. Blee Inara Gold and Black Inara Mini Eyes Bracelet, $13.74

2. Ettika Dainty Friendship Bracelet with Pave, $26.00

3. Tai Beaded Friendship Bangle, $24.97

4. MARIA FRANCESCA PEPE New York Charm Bracelet, $46.49

5. Let's Accessorize Gold Inspirational Cuff from New York, $35.00

6. Shashi Teal Sam Bracelet, $28.00

7. Ryan Porter Lana Custom Bangle, $28

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