8 Must-Have iPhone 6 Cases You Can't Resist

8 Must-Have iPhone 6 Cases You Can't Resist

Inspired by my friend’s recent visit to San Francisco and her quest to find the perfect cell phone case for her new baby, the iPhone 6, I decided to write this post. Cell phone cases aren’t only necessary if you are prone to dropping your phone like myself, but they do also reflect your personal style. Therefore, finding a case that suits both need and style can be difficult.

So, as an ode to her, I’ve rounded up my favorite fall cell phone cases that will allow you to stay fashionable while taking a phone call or browsing the web. Don’t waste your time toting around a boring phone, dress your iPhones with one of these chic cases and you’ll definitely never have to worry about being underdressed wherever you go!

Kiss & Wear iPhone 6 Case 

1. Madewell Leather Card Case, $28.00

2. Dannijo Tory Case, $98.00

3. Tie Dye Case, $38.00

4. Tory Burch Kerrington Hardshell Case, $65.00

5. Case-Mate 24-Karat Gold Case, $50.00

6. Sonix Open Eyes Case, $35.00

7. Iphoria Heartbreaker Case, $50.00

8. The Case Factory Elaphe Case, $180.00

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