8 TOTEally Cool Canvas Bags Under $45 Posted on 13 Sep 13:59 , 0 comments

Whether you need an everyday bag for the office, while doing grocery shopping, or for the beach, these canvas bags are sure to do the job. The perfect casual go-to accessory; these totes are both environmentally friendly and fashionable enough to be seen with on a daily basis.

* My tip: Be practical and opt for one of these canvas tote bags in place of a gift bag or basket. It’s recipient can use it time and time again!

Kiss & Wear Tote Canvas Bags

1. Topshop Neon Motif Shopper, $20

2. Place to Be Tote in Paris, $19.99

3. Apple & Bee Organic Cotton Canvas Tote, $38

4. Marc Jacobs Tote, $35

5. Designs by Stephene Moto Together Bag, $45

6. Hot Dog Tote Bag, $26

7. Ron Herman FREECITY LNL Canvas Tote, $28

8. Bloomingdale’s Iconic Storefront Canvas Tote, $30