8 TOTEally Cool Canvas Bags Under $45

8 TOTEally Cool Canvas Bags Under $45

Whether you need an everyday bag for the office, while doing grocery shopping, or for the beach, these canvas bags are sure to do the job. The perfect casual go-to accessory; these totes are both environmentally friendly and fashionable enough to be seen with on a daily basis.

* My tip: Be practical and opt for one of these canvas tote bags in place of a gift bag or basket. It’s recipient can use it time and time again!

Kiss & Wear Tote Canvas Bags

1. Topshop Neon Motif Shopper, $20

2. Place to Be Tote in Paris, $19.99

3. Apple & Bee Organic Cotton Canvas Tote, $38

4. Marc Jacobs Tote, $35

5. Designs by Stephene Moto Together Bag, $45

6. Hot Dog Tote Bag, $26

7. Ron Herman FREECITY LNL Canvas Tote, $28

8. Bloomingdale’s Iconic Storefront Canvas Tote, $30

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