5 Ways to Sweat Proof Your Summer Makeup

5 Ways to Sweat Proof Your Summer Makeup

As the temperature rises and summer weather arrives, the days will get hotter. Don't ruin your beauty look with sweat. Sweat-proof your makeup! After all, trying to look cool & keeping cool are two very different things. Sport a flawless, sweat-proof look all summer with these 5 tips.

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1. Forget the powder. Powder cakes onto your face and causes you to sweat more. Save the powder for the fall.

2. Tinted moisturizer ONLY. Moisturizer keeps your face hydrated as well as protected from the scorching sun.

3. A cream blush. The key is to keep makeup looking light and airy.

4. Add color to your lips. Use a lip color with a matte finish that moisturizes as well as makes your lips pop.

5. Add color to your lids. With waterproof mascara, eyeliner, & shadow, you can transform your look from day to night without a sweat (no pun intended).

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