8 Tech Inspired Fashion Pieces

8 Tech Inspired Fashion Pieces

From shades-wearing smiley faces to hashtags and exclamation points, we rounded up some of our favorite tech inspired fashions. Whether you love throwing these hilarious little symbols into typed-up conversations or not, how about bringing them to into real life? 

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1. I Speak Fluent Emoji Tee, $15.99

2. Rebecca Minkoff Novelty Waterfall iphone 6/6s Phone Case, $40.00

3. Rebecca Minkoff Exclamation Key FOB, $30.00

4. Kiss & Wear FIDI Stud Earrings, $45.00

5. Emoji 2-Pack Socks, $5.99

6. Verameat Poo Pin, $16.00

7. Cheek Frills Multi Emoji Knicker Set, $60.00

8. Zales Adjustable Hashtag Symbol Toe Ring, $24.65

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