Let Your Inner Hippy Out With This Flower Crown DIY

Let Your Inner Hippy Out With This Flower Crown DIY

Music festival season is slowly approaching so we thought it's be fun to share a DIY of one of our most favorite accessories to sport at one (besides a Kiss & Wear necklace)- a fresh flower crown.

Even if you're not the musical festival type, channel your inner hippy child by creating your very own floral crown.

flower crowns

Here’s what you need:

- A variety of fresh flowers trimmed down to 33 stems

- 2 Pieces of 16 gauge floral cloth wire

- Green floral tape

- Floral shears or scissors


1. Bend the 2 pieces of floral wire together to create a circle, then use the tape to wrap the overlapping sections to create a base for your crown.

2. Create 15 small clusters of 4-5 flowers and tightly wrap the stems together with floral tape.

3. Position a flower cluster on to the wire base and wrap tape around the secure.

4. Continue layering each cluster around the wire base until it’s filled.

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