10 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Should Own Posted on 12 Apr 03:00 , 0 comments

Aside from diamonds, we're pretty sure shoes are a girls's best friend. Great for creating a fashion statement, shoes are the perfect thing to splurge on. Especially if they're practical, right?

From your secret-weapon statement shoe to the go-anywhere ankle boot, be sure to read up on the shoes we think are essential to every woman's wardrobe.

essential shoes


1. Classic Black Pumps: You can never and will never go wrong with these. They add a polished and sophisticated finish to every outfit. You’ll feel confident whether you’re dressed up or dressed down!

2. Printed Pumps: Snakeskin, leopard print, geometric, floral, polka dots–it doesn’t matter: printed pumps show your unique sense of style and will get you noticed. They might not match everything, but they add a pop when styled the right way!

3. Tall Boots: With the temperatures in fall and winter close to zero, keep warm and dress up your look with a pair of tall boots

4. Nude Heels: These are a huge trend this season. The neutral color add the perfect classic touch to your look as well as elongates your legs in the process. They also work with any color– a go too if you’re running late and don’t know what to put on your feet!

5. Comfortable Commuting Shoes/ Sneakers:  Owning a cute and comfortable pair of kicks to run around the city with will save your feet– trust us they’ll thank you. It’s an easy solution to uncomfortable shoes you can only wear around the office and it’s an easy swap. Just stow them away in your bag and take them out when needed.

6. Kitten Heels: Don’t break your ankle while trying to get from point A to point B in your 5 inch stilettos! Try a sleek pair of kitten heels as a more practical option that won’t sacrifice your look.

7. Black Ankle Booties: When you don’t feel like wearing pumps and adding an edgier look to your outfit, add booties. They go with just about anything (tights, pants, bare legs) and are probably more comfortable than a pair of heels.

8. Flats: Your day can turn out to be completely unpredictable– running here and there in heels just won’t do. Swap your stilettos with a pair of the cute pair flats that you put in your bag that morning. You’ll still look professional and put together… just in a more comfortable way.

9. Polished Sandals: Perfect for the summer. Dressy, sophisticated, and shows off your cute pedicure. If your office allows it, these can be used for work as well. Strappy, tied, bucked, colored, black. chunky heel, polished sandals comes in all different looks.

10. Patent Leather Loafers: Loafers aren’t only for boys– try a pair of sleek and professional loafers in a pointed toe. They’ll know you mean business.