6 Spring Break Beach Essentials

6 Spring Break Beach Essentials

With spring break around the corner, get yourself ready for the beach with this curated list of products to help you look and feel your best before and after getting that gorgeous tan!

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1. Don’t worry about your lashes at the beach! Smashbox Full Exposure Waterproof Mascara, $22.00 works beautifully to maintain a gorgeous lengthening, voluminous and long-lasting effect to create your longest, fullest lashes, with zero clumps or flakes.

2. Containing breathable and oil-free ingredients such as Vitamin E and antioxidants, throw Sun Bum SPF 30 Original Sunscreen Lotion, $9.99 into your beach bag for that extra dose of sun safety without compromising space .

3. Take off all that sweat and sand with these alcohol-free Lumene Sensitive Touch Gentle Cleansing Wipes, $6.99 that remove impurities and all non-waterproof makeup quickly from the skin, so you can quickly reveal that gorgeous glow!

4. Messy hair is a no-no at the beach, so take your coils up a notch with these fashionable Scunci Bun Wraps, $3.99 covered in chic fabrics and prints.

5. Don’t let the sand and salty beach water ruin your locks!  The new Conair Infiniti Pro Argan Oil Finishing Brush, 11.49 harnesses the conditioning powers of Argan Oil through its replaceable treatment strip. It’s the perfect brush for touchups whenever you need some extra shine!

6. Spice up your ponytail with these chic and bold colorful Scunci Hair Ties, $2.84! They fit any mood and style while maintaining a tight grip on your hair without damage or snagging.

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